Animal Resort and Spa,LLC



    Animal Resort and Spa, LLC is a boarding and  grooming  facility for dogs,cats and birds.


 For dog boarding we offer standard run or bedroom style suite. All of our boarding facilities are inside and climate controlled.

  Each standard run has a raised Coolaroo bed, dog bed, blanket and toys. Larger 10x10 runs are available to accommodate multiple dogs from same owner.    

 Our bedroom /suite is a 10x10 room.  Each suite is equipped with a toddler bed, blankets, dog bed and rug. Multiple dogs from same owner can stay comfortably in one suite. Suite boarders have a separate play yard.    

Outdoor play areas are separated by chain link fence and enclosed with 6 ft. privacy fence. All areas are monitored by surveillance and security cameras.

Included in daily boarding rates for dogs are:

 6 potty breaks/walks and individual or group play times in any of our 5 yards.

( Group play is determined upon owner's instructions and temperament/compatibility of dog). 

 We board pets with special food or special feeding instructions. We are able to administer any prescribed medication(oral,topical, injectable) at no additional cost.

We are not able to board pets with contagious diseases(Flea infestation, Hookworms, Whipworms, Coccidia, Kennelcough).

 We will not board a female dog in heat. 

We reserve the right to refuse pets, that require veterinary attention, due to stress or other health related problems.

We will refuse to board pets that are aggressive or have severe separation anxiety.      

We recommend to bring your pets's own food to avoid stomach upsets.We provide food and water bowls. 

Cats are boarded upstairs in a quieter environment. Each cat will have its own condo with bed,toys,food,water bowl and litter box. Larger condos can accommodate multiple cats from same owner. Individual playtime is provided daily in a separate playroom for cats.

Birds-small and large bird, exotics cages are available in our upstairs bird room. (Owner should provide own food).


We also offer bathing for dogs.

Visit us at 2357 Ogeechee Rd. Savannah,GA 31415

Call us at (912) 234-5931 or e-mail: [email protected]  

FAX 912-236-4669